Sahara Sunrise

Organic and Natural

The homeowner that prefers a natural and organic space tends to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors and aims to achieve the same peace and tranquility of nature when designing the home. Like the modern design style, these interior design aficionados also appreciate clean lines, minimal accessories and simple color palettes.

With an affinity towards natural fabrics like linen, seagrass, raw cotton and silk, fans of this design style look to light colored finishes to create an open and airy feel throughout the home, accented with uniform patterns like exposed brick and stone, glass and mirrored elements to increase natural light.

Beauflor®’s flooring solutions enable homeowners to achieve the natural and organic aesthetic they desire. Our many different collections of Crafted Sheet and Crafted Planks & Tiles, including Pure and Essence, offer a variety of natural patterns, texture, and colors that prove to be beautiful flooring solutions for an outdoor-friendly lifestyle.