Living room


The modernist has a commitment to simplicity and utility – with a home design to match. With an appreciation for open and uncluttered space, the modern homeowner chooses to minimize furnishings and makes smart choices based on the aesthetics of clean lines and functional versatility.
Modern interiors have a pure, pared-down style and are characterized by the use of quality materials and minimal decoration. Muted tones, beige and grey play a major part, with pops of color coming from artwork or other carefully selected accents, and a focus on uniting the living space with the outside world.

Beauflor®’s collections feature perfect flooring options for modern interiors. Our unique portfolio ranges from white and light wood finishes to greys, dark browns and blacks. Our Crafted Plank & Tile collection serves as a smart option for open floor plans with ease of installation, waterproof and scratch resistant qualities, sound absorbing technology and a beautiful look.
When paired with the right combination of neutrals and a few pops of bold color, Beauflor®’s flooring solutions are an ideal choice for the modern homeowner.