An Americana home represents love and comfort, with a focus on family and heritage. The traditional design style is rooted in American history and evokes feelings of nostalgia, but can vary greatly from region to region.

A true Americana homeowner chooses classic yet bold statements like overstuffed furniture, tailored linens in menswear inspired stripes or plaids in primary colors. In an Americana home, you’re bound to find antique or painted furniture adorned with patriotic accents like worn secondhand books, American flags and nautical accessories.

Western Americana is derived from the country’s Native American and Mexican American influences, with an emphasis on woven textiles in bold prints and bright colors, clay, wrought iron and raw wood finishes. Common design accents include animal antlers and rawhides, desert photography and colorful tile.

The finishes in an Americana home can vary from washed white to rich wood tones, and they provide a casual yet warm environment. With Beauflor®’s collection of stylish and durable Engineered Wood and Crafted sheet products, homeowners can achieve that classic aesthetic with the heartiness of the early Americas.