Who we are


Founded by Roger De Clerck, parent company Beaulieu International Group (B.I.G.) and Beauflor® have an unconventional history sown from a family farm along the Golden River in Belgium. As one of many flax farmers in the area, De Clerck faced great competition and needed to add new value to an oversaturated market. He devised a way to use the flax harvested not as an agricultural item, but as an upholstery product.

Over time, this upholstery evolved beyond just natural products and expanded into plastic and polypropylene granules that De Clerck produced himself. B.I.G. today continues to produce these granules, along with fibers, yarns, carpets and the vinyl flooring products manufactured by Beauflor®.

B.I.G. remains a private, family-owned business that honors and continues to practice our founding father’s vision of innovation. De Clerck’s entrepreneurial spirit has been passed down to his children, now co-owners of B.I.G. and its subsidiaries, and woven into all facets of this global company.


Our values

At Beauflor®, we work with purpose and passion. We remain and intend to remain a family-owned company that celebrates a spirit of enterprise and ambition, rooted in a legacy of entrepreneurship.  As a result of performances in innovation, quality and market leadership, Beauflor® provides value for customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and the communities where we work and live.

Core values include:

  • Delight the Customer
  • Strive for Excellence
  • Focus on People
  • Create Added Value
  • Act with Integrity
Our values


At Beauflor®, we adhere to the highest standards of business in all aspects of our operations. Both our international and stateside leadership teams impart a philosophy of integrity and entrepreneurship into our everyday business practices. Their expertise combined with Beauflor®’s highly skilled manufacturing and sales teams have placed Beauflor® at the top of the flooring industry in both product innovation and customer satisfaction.


Our Strengths

Beauflor®’s corporate culture of entrepreneurship and innovation has led to improved product benefits within the resilient flooring industry. Beauflor® Crafted Sheet, Crafted Plank & Tile, Laminate & Wood floors share several beneficial attributes: 

Beautiful Design:

Comprehensive design offerings range from classic to contemporary. Beauflor® achieves realistic wood or stone visuals and textures thanks to multi-layered coloration, lacquers and embossing techniques.

Professional Grade Durability:

Superior wear layers protect the floor from daily wear and tear in both residential and commercial environments.

Improved Indoor Air Quality:

Through technological innovations, Beauflor® has reduced the use of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Sound Absorption:

Beauflor® Crafted Sheet and Crafted Plank & Tile collections offer superior acoustics that absorb and reduce walking noise. 

Water Resistance:

All Beauflor® Crafted Sheet and Crafted Plank & Tile floors are water resistant, making them suitable for every room, even bathrooms or kitchens.


Beauflor®''s anti-bacterial polyurethane lacquer and ease of maintenance make its vinyl flooring perfectly suited for anti-allergenic applications.


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