Vinyl was first invented in 1920 by scientists who wanted to develop a material that would help to manufacture everyday products that were easier to make, more durable, and cheaper than what was available. Today, vinyl has become the second largest manufactured and sold plastic resin in the world.

Vinyl is most commonly used in construction applications, mainly flooring. There are two types of vinyl flooring: Homogeneous and Heterogeneous vinyl flooring.

Homogeneous vinyl is made of one single layer that offers vibrancy and richness of color.

Heterogeneous vinyl on the other hand, is a multi-layer flooring available in a wide variety of colors and patterns with endless design possibilities providing  the look and feel of natural flooring materials.

Beauflor® produces heterogeneous vinyl in rolls, planks and tile dimensions:

  • Vinyl rolls are avilable in 12' and 4 meter widths and in several tile and wood designs. Vinyl rolls are installed by gluing to the subfloor.
  • Luxury vinyl planks and tiles (commonly referred to as LVT) offer both wood and stone designs in several plank and tile dimensions, which can be installed using either click locking systems or glue.

Vinyl flooring is easy to install and is versatile enough for every room in your home. It is long lasting and easy to maintain and clean, and its sound absorption qualities make it ideal for apartments. Because of its composition, LVT is hygienic and durable enough for everyday living, making it a perfect floor for people with allergies and families with children and/or pets. If you're looking for a great floor with easy installation and maintenance - vinyl flooring is the right floor for you!

Beauflor®’s vinyl is 100% recyclable, and when compared to various other manufactured construction materials, vinyl requires fewer natural resources to make, less energy to manufacture, and also releases fewer emissions into the environment.

PVC floor coverings are classified as anti-static or static-dissipative depending on their electrical resistance, surface resistivity and volume resistivity. In order to be installed in areas where there is sensitive electrical equipment, the resistance of a floor covering must be no greater than ca 107Ω.

To be installed in an environment where there are flammable gases, the floor covering must have a resistance of no more than 105Ω. In both cases special installation techniques must be used. Measured against EN 1081 Beauflor® resilient vinyl has a surface and volume resistance of between 1011Ω and 1012Ω and is not suitable for installations of this type.

Yes. All Beauflor® floor coverings are suitable for use over underfloor heating systems provided the heating system has been installed properly. The heating system should provide for a cut out if the surface temperature exceeds 80°F. This applies to both heated water systems and electrical systems.

If the heating system exceeds 80°F then there is a danger of potential discoloration.

All our vinyl is water resistant and is therefore suitable for use in bathrooms and moist areas like basements and laundry rooms.

Yes, if the rugs are labeled 'colorfast' by the manufacturer.

It is recommended to use non-staining polypropylene backed mats or woven rugs. Do not use rubber or latex backed mats as these can permanently stain your floor.

No, vinyl floors do not need to be waxed. Unlike hardwood floors or tiles, vinyl maintains its aesthetic appeal with minimal maintenance. For more information on maintenance of your vinyl floor, look at our maintenance guidelines for vinyl rolls or vinyl planks.

Cushion Vinyl rolls are large sheets of flooring material that are cost-effective because of the production and installation process. Vinyl flooring has made great leaps in quality of design thanks to improvements in printing and imaging techniques.

There are several layers that add to the long-lasting qualities of our vinyl roll flooring. Each product is specific - so check the technical data sheets for precise information.

Cushion inyl rolls have a multi-layer composition. The bottom layer is the backing, topped with a glass fiber interlayer. In between the printing and the impregnation layer there is also a foam layer. On top of the printing you have the wear layer, coated by our PU lacquer, which provides hygienic qualities and contributes to the longevity of the vinyl.

Cushion Vinyl rolls can be installed almost everywhere, even in bathrooms and basements. However, some adhesives used for installation are water-soluble and should not be exposed to water for an extended period of time.

Cushion Vinyl rolls are installed by gluing to the subfloor. Our vinyl rolls are available in 12', 4 meter and even 5 meter widths and in several tile and wood designs.

For full information on installing your Vinyl Roll flooring, please check our installation guide here.

If there is an overflow of water that stays on the top of the floor, it should be okay as long as the water is removed and the vinyl is cleaned properly.

Standing water on the surface of cushioned vinyl can occasionally cause the floor surface to turn a little white. This effect is reversible – as soon as the water is removed and the surface is allowed to dry the floor returns to its normal state. If the water in the area is “hard” then the white discoloration is likely to be due to a build up of limescale, which can be removed with any liquid bathroom cleaner designed to remove limescale. The cleaner must be a liquid type and not an abrasive cream, as cream will damage the floor surface.

If the vinyl has an unsealed joint or if the water gets under the vinyl (if it is laid without glue) then the vinyl should be lifted to allow the subfloor to dry properly. When the subfloor has dried, then the vinyl can be re-laid. If water is left trapped between the subfloor and the non-porous vinyl, it can cause mold and discoloration.

The best way to determine how much vinyl you need is to measure the size of the room and add an additional 5 to 10% to cover any shortages (by cutting for corners for example).

For a seamless floor, we produce Cushion Viinyl rolls in widths of 12', 4 meter and even 5 meter. 

Yes, an experienced DIY-er can install the flooring him-or-herself. However, we do advise contacting a professional installer to get a perfect end result.

For full information on installing your vinyl flooring, please check our installation instructions here.

Our vinyl planks and tiles are a multi-layered floor of excellent quality, available in a variety of stylish designs that resemble the natural look of a wood or stone floor.

The top layer of compact vinyl is warm to the touch and soft underfoot.

Our revolutionary RCB (Rigid Composite Board) baseboard gives stability and rigidity to your planks, which can be installed  on top of any existing hard floor with little or no subfloor preparation.

Click Vinyl Plank Exploded view

PURE vinyl planks and tiles are lightweight and easy to handle during installation. Our DreamClick® locking system, the strongest locking system in the LVT market, is easy to install and can withstand heavy loads and frequent traffic, making them suitable for residential and commercial applications.


Compared to other flooring such as laminate, Beauflor®’s luxury vinyl flooring scores better on a significant number of aspects.

Thanks to the DreamClick® locking system’s 4-sided identical locks, our LVT floor can be readily installed in no time.

Our PURE luxury vinyl planks and tiles not only feel warm and comfortable underfoot, but are also waterproof, scratch and stain resistant and incredibly easy to maintain. Beauflor® LVT can be installed much faster than any other floor, and thanks to its leveling properties, almost any subfloor will do. PURE luxury vinyl planks and tiles can be installed directly on top of an existing tile floor, without imprints of the tile joints below. This is all made possible by our advanced RCB technology (Rigid Composite Board).

Another distinct advantage of PURE over other LVT floors is the reduction of contact noise – PURE vinyl planks and tiles absorb sound up to 50% more than other LVT floors, making it an ideal product for active households and apartment buildings or other multi-family dwellings.

Yes, you can install our vinyl planks and tiles yourself thanks to our super easy DreamClick® locking system. However, to ensure a professional finish, we recommend that a professional install your PURE Click and Glue Down floor.

All PURE floors are tested as per the stringent European standard EN 14041.

This standard also requires the testing of the reaction of the design floor to fire, among other things. The minimum value that must be achieved in this test is “E”. PURE floors more than satisfy the same and all have been assigned a category “B” score.

The Rigid Composite Board (RCB) is our proprietary baseboard, which gives an exceptional rigidity and stability to the planks while reducing the weight considerably, easing the effort of transport and installation.

Beauflor®’s luxury planks and tiles comply with and even exceed all the European health requirements for indoor air quality.

Our floors carry the labels: E1 (EU), A+ (FR) and U (DE).

Beauflor®’s PURE vinyl planks and tiles can be installed much faster than any other click floor. Thanks to their unique leveling properties, almost any subfloor will do. They can even be installed directly on top of an existing tile floor, without print-through of the tile joints. Other suitable subfloors include surfaces with small residues of glue and ordinary screed. All of this is made possible thanks to our advanced RCB technology (Rigid Composite Board).

Our glue down planks can be installed on hard flooring provided that the subfloor is properly prepared: The working area must be cleaned and cleared from debris, which could potentially damage finished floor panel fitting. The surface on which you place the vinyl planks should be clean, hard, even and dry.

For more detailed information about suitable subfloors please read our installations manuals.

Yes, but precautions should be taken to protect the integrity of the floor:

  1. Use soft wheels. They will dramatically increase the life of your vinyl floor and keep it looking beautiful for longer
  2. Use of a transparent office chair mat under swivel chairs is recommended. Rubber can permanently damage the PVC design floor covering.
  3. Avoid rubber furniture legs, rubber wheels or mats with rubber lining. 

The hardwearing top coat on all of our resilient flooring is scratch resistant, but not scratch proof. Sharp objects can scratch the floor, so certain precautions should be taken. The effective use of a doormat reduces the instances of sharp objects such as dust, sand and stones on the soles of your shoes. Furniture legs (chairs, tables, cabinets, etc.) should have suitable protection at their base, while office chairs should have soft wheels. Ensure that vacuum cleaners are not damaged or too hard, and the wheels should rotate freely. Use soft, non-rubber wheels for office chairs.

Although our vinyl planks and tiles are scratch resistant, they are not scratch proof. However, you can limit the possibility of scratches by regularly cutting the nails of your pets.

Yes. Our vinyl planks and tiles, when installed correctly, are easy to clean and have minimal dust adhesion. Dust mites and other allergy-causing organisms cannot survive on a well-maintained vinyl floor.

Beauflor®’s manufacturing processes are continuously improved and adapted to reduce the life-cycle impact on the environment. Our vinyl floors are 100% recyclable, making them a great option for an environmentally conscious home.

Learn more about our sustainability efforts here.

Our vinyl floors have good heat conduction, making them the ideal match for underfloor heating systems. They quickly heat up to the ambient temperature. All Beauflor® vinyl tiles can be used on floors fitted with hot-water and electric underfloor heating, provided the top floor surface does not heat up to more than 80°F.

Vinyl planks and tiles are suitable for the entire house. Beauflor®’s vinyl floors are resistant to moisture thanks to the waterproof vinyl top layer and RCB baseboard, and therefore are ideally suited for installation in occasionally wet areas like bathrooms. 

The wear-resistant top layer makes Beauflor® perfect for kitchen use, taking care that any potential stains are removed immediately. This layer makes the floor easy to clean and protects it against daily wear and tear, with just an occasional sweep with a wet mop and standard cleaning products.

You should thoroughly clean your vinyl planks immediately after installation.To keep your floor in good condition, it is important to place doormats at all entrances to eliminate abrasive particles driven by footwear (e.g. sand, dust, or grind).

Each of our vinyl flooring options is designed to last, but to ensure that it stays at its best for years to come, we recommend following a simple regular routine. Cleaning is easy, with just an ordinary broom, microfiber cloth, vacuum cleaner or damp mop with approved detergents. It’s not advisable to use aggressive cleaning agents on your floor, to use steam cleaners, or to let puddles of water to remain after cleaning. Spots, marks and spills should be wiped up as soon as possible.

The protective PU finish of the wear layer eliminates the need for any special treatment after installation, but over time, an extra treatment with polymeric dispersion or a PU gloss polish may help if visible contaminations begin to develop.

For more detailed information, please read our maintenance instructions.

Thanks to Beauflor® vinyl planks’ leveling properties, almost any subfloor will do. You can install our planks and tiles directly on top of an existing tile floor, without print-through of the tile joints. Other suitable subfloors include surfaces with small residues of glue and ordinary screed. All of this is made possible thanks to our advanced RCB technology (Rigid Composite Board). No dust, no mess, just cut the planks into the right size with a Stanley knife.

Thanks to the DreamClick® locking system, all of our vinyl planks and tiles can be installed in no time. The 4-sided identical locks allow you to install your floor faster than traditional click systems and are the strongest connector on the market.

The DreamClick® system allows several installers to work simultaneously on the same floor for a quick and easy installation. The planks can be clicked together on all sides, so you can start the installation in any direction.

Our laminate floors exceedingly strong!

They meet the strictest requirements. They have undergone tests for strength, impact of water damage, discolouration, stability and wear and tear. This has resulted in a floor you can enjoy for many years.

Our floors have a minimum classification of 32 for usage.

Our laminate floors are incredibly easy to maintain. 

For stubborn dirt, you can use a well wrung mop to clean the laminate floors without any problems.

The floors are also extremely resistant to scratches but taking a few precautionary measures will let you extend the life of your laminate: use a vacuum cleaner with a soft parquet brush or use dry, electrostatic dusting cloths.


The Elegance collection is made up fo wide, thick and extra-long planks.

Since there are fewer planks, Elegance makes your interior appear more spacious. Furthermore, you also need to install fewer planks which means a faster result.

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