Why us?

Beauflor® is a premium brand known for its high-quality products and innovative flooring solutions. Utilizing our proprietary Rigid Composite Board (RCB), our products are easier to install and offer greater durability, temperature tolerance, water resistance and sound characteristics than the competition.

Our patented DreamClick® locking system allows the product to be installed faster and enables multiple installers to work simultaneously in different directions. The planks can be installed directly on existing tile and have the strongest plank connection in the industry. PURE luxury vinyl planks are also 30 percent lighter than other LVT products on the market, and 100% recyclable, making them a smart, beautiful choice for all building applications.

The worldwide exclusive manufacturer of 5-meter (16’4”) vinyl sheets, Beauflor® is able to accommodate product specs that fit efficiently from transportation to installation, reducing valuable time spent cutting and modifying the flooring size.

Beauflor®’s corporate culture of entrepreneurship and innovation has led to improved product benefits within the resilient flooring industry. Beauflor® Crafted Sheet, Crafted Plank & Tile, Laminate & Wood floors share several beneficial attributes: 

Beautiful Design:

Comprehensive design offerings range from classic to contemporary. Beauflor® achieves realistic wood or stone visuals and textures thanks to multi-layered coloration, lacquers and embossing techniques.

Professional Grade Durability:

Superior wear layers protect the floor from daily wear and tear in both residential and commercial environments.

Improved Indoor Air Quality:

Through technological innovations, Beauflor® has reduced the use of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Sound Absorption:

Beauflor® Crafted Sheet and Crafted Plank & Tile collections offer superior acoustics that absorb and reduce walking noise. 

Water Resistance:

All Beauflor® Crafted Sheet and Crafted Plank & Tile floors are water resistant, making them suitable for every room, even bathrooms or kitchens.


Beauflor®''s anti-bacterial polyurethane lacquer and ease of maintenance make its vinyl flooring perfectly suited for anti-allergenic applications.


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